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This is part of my collection of pictures.
Some are animated some are not.

Betty Boop Butterflies

Betty Boop as Heidi

Patriotic Betty

Betty Boop in Jeans

Kissed Betty

Betty Boop Xmas Wreath

Betty Boop as the Coppertone girl

Betty Pink Hula

Animated Hitchhiker Betty

3 Blind Mice

Bikini Betty


What a sight!!

Biker Betty

Betty with Kitty on Beach

Sexy Betty in Purple

Girls Rule!

U.S.M.C. Betty

Frankenstein Betty

Prehistoric Betty

Dinosaur and Volcano

Betty Pink Swirls

Santa Claus Betty

Blowing Black Dress

Marilyn Monroe Betty

Red Sports Car

Bed of Roses

Trick or Treat

I Wanna Be Loved By You!

Born to Boop